About Blèzi

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, so you’d better take good care of it. To help you look after your skin, we only use the best ingredients and pigments in our products. Each and every Blèzi product is developed and manufactured with utmost care.

At Blèzi we don’t compromise. We do what we believe in. Simply because that brings the best results. All products meet our high quality standards. And we only use the very best ingredients. That is what we stand for. And that is our promise to you.

Pure and effective

The best ingredients are all mineral and natural, right? Well, no. Not always. At Blèzi what we really care about is that our products are good for you and for the environment. And of course, where possible we choose natural ingredients. Some of those natural ingredients, however, cause irritation of the skin, or have other negative side effects. In those cases we prefer high-quality and pure ingredients that were developed in a responsible manner by laboratories. Extensively tested – 100% free of animal testing – and certified to meet the highest standards. Ingredients with a proven effect, developed in a sustainable way, which do not cause irritations or trigger allergies. This goes to show that nature and science go hand in hand at Blèzi.

Safe and secure

All Blèzi products have been dermatologically tested and are free of parabens. All Blèzi Makeup is free of perfume; the Skin Care and Body Care products contain a low percentage of allergen-free perfumes. Since they only contain mild and extensively tested ingredients, all Blèzi products are suitable for people of all ages and skin types. Even the most sensitive skin. We see to it that every product is safe, for people and for the environment. Each and every Blèzi product is 100% certified and complies with all strict rules and regulations issued by the European Union. Just like our ingredients, our final products and our packaging are cruelty free.

Simple and compact!

No matter what age you are or skin type you have, our compact and complete line of cosmetics is suited for you. Even when you have sensitive skin or find it hard to apply makeup easily and beautifully. The unique formulas and the hygienic luxurious packaging make all Blèzi products highly effective and easy to use.

Because we do our utmost best to harm the environment as little as possible, we offer our products without paper sleeves. Of course we see to it that our packaging is very user friendly and complies with all quality demands. Both yours and ours.